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Blythe Howard is an American actress who quickly garnered attention, booking her first commercial within one week of moving to Los Angeles from Maple Valley, Washington. Her decision to move and pursue acting came quickly after winning a contest to be a VJ for a day on MTV's Total Request Live (TRL). With undeniable talent and tenacity, Blythe has landed over 60 major brand commercials, and actively works in film and television. Blythe adapts and shines in any role she plays with credits in multiple primetime shows, including Yellowstone (Paramount), Walker (CW), Silicon Valley (HBO) and Dynasty (CW). 

Confidence and authenticity radiate through Blythe’s performances, playing powerful roles like CEO and FBI agent, which she jokes she’s been ready for since her first boyfriend betrayal. Simply put, Blythe is a natural on camera. Working with David Fincher as a recurring news anchor on season two of Mindhunter (Netflix), Blythe drew on her experiences of broadcast journalism, which she studied at Washington State University.

Blythe Howard - Actor's Life with Blythe

“I wanted to be an anchor since 3rd grade, I just fell in love with journalism. But then, I got to play a news anchor on tv…I realized that was the dream all along.” 

Resilience and hardwork are part of Blythe’s DNA. As an all-round athlete growing up, Blythe developed a strong work ethic. Influenced by her parents, Ron Howard (former NFL Seattle Seahawks tight end) and her mother, Kim Kelly (a business woman and interior design entrepreneur), Blythe is not one to shy away from taking initiative.


She recently created, acted and produced, Project Payne, an empowering action comedy following a hit woman navigating through life choices and relationships. It echoes Blythe’s life philosophy that “If you really want something, you have to go after it. You have to take responsibility. Make it happen.” With the perfect amount of stage fight, Blythe inherently showcases her combat and tactical training. 

Whether she’s practicing Muay Thai, coaching fellow actors, or acting, Blythe believes there is  “No cutting corners. No magic shortcuts. When you put in the work, the work will speak for itself.”

Blythe Howard - Actor's Life with Blythe


"You are relevant no matter what

stage of the game you're at." 




Garrett Hershey, Daniel Hoff Agency


Julie Bateman, Gravity Hill Agency


Sherry Kayne, Moxie Artists Agency

Bythe Howard - Actor, Behind the Scenes of Project Payne

Check out behind the scenes of Blythe's new web series


CRICKET Lead | Dir. Richard Janes

Falling for Christmas Supporting | Dir. Janeen Damian

Huí JIĀ Supporting | Dir. Roxy Rhih

The Hit  Supporting | Dir. Reggie Currelley

Distancing Socially Lead | Dir. Chris Blake

Sinfidelity Lead | Dir. Tamar Halpern

Where The Sun Goes To Die Lead |  Dir. Nickolas Duarte

The Wave Supporting | Dir. Dennis Gansel

Beautiful Destroyer Supporting | Dir. Christopher Dorrah

Black Hearted Killer Supporting | Dir. Roxy Shih

In Madness Lead | Dir. Harry Owens

Killing Me Slowly Lead | Dir. Matondo Kiantandu

Broken Things Supporting | Dir. Hollis McLachlin

Three Families, Part I Lead | Dir. Aexist Leiste


Power Book IV: FORCE Recurring Guest Star | STARZ

Walker Guest Star | The CW

The Unicorn Co-Star | CBS

Dynasty Guest Star | ABC

Silicon Valley Co-Star | HBO

Yellowstone Co-Star | Paramount

Mindhunter Recurring | Netflix

Saints & Sinners Recurring | Bounce TV

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Co-Star | Disney+

The Inspectors Guest Star | ABC

Black Hearted Killer Supporting | Lifetime

My Haunted House Guest Star | Lifetime


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